UltraStat ESD Control Tile


Ultrastat-SC and Ultrastat-SD are ideal for installation in any facility where uncontrolled electrostatic discharge is a concern, such as electronics manufacturing, assembly areas, clean rooms, computer rooms, telecommunication installations, and healthcare facilities. Ultrastat ESD control vinyl tile and conductive epoxy adhesive are components of a precision engineered system of static control tile. Ultrastat-SC (static-conductive) vinyl tile and Ultrastat-SD (static-dissipative) vinyl tile contain encapsulated conductive elements of the carbon family that are distributed throughout the tile to provide through-tile conductivity.

The GZ-2000 conductive epoxy adhesive with which the tile is installed provides lateral tile-to-tile conductive continuity. With conductive elements distributed throughout their entire 1/8" thickness, Ultrastat-SC and Ultrastat-SD retain their conductivity indefinitely, saving you valuable time and unnecessary costs, no special treatment or wax is required to restore or maintain conductivity. The performance of these solid vinyl tile products is not dependent on wear layers, subsurface layers, internal antistats, or humidity due to their homogeneous nature.

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